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As a director

Angara, 2021, music video for the Baïkal Symposium

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A psychedelic trip along the Siberian river, source of timeless myths.
My goal was to create moving abstract paintings evoking the everlasting flows of the Angara river and the legends it engenders. I modeled peculiar settings animated in stop-motion and applied a variety of glitchy effects on the result. (watch here)

Presented in the Baïkal Symposium exhibitions and at the HSFest #4.

Hacia El Norte, 2021, music video for Luazó

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A Golem-inspired children's cartoon, from a long forgotten VHS.
I created the puppets and the small sets and filmed a puppet theater show remotely inspired by the Golem legend. The film was then transferred to a VHS, digitally glitched and digitalized. (watch here)

Presented at the Festival Spectacurieux 2021 and at the HSFest #4.

Le Repas, 2017, short film, co-directed with Pierrot du Saillant

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An amoral tale in a negative world.

This stop-motion mute film starring Emmanuelle Vacherand was shot in a setting painted in reversed colors, with the actress wearing reversed make-up as well. A negative effect was then applied to the images, inverting light and shadows and creating an unsettling atmosphere. (watch here)


Presented at the Festival Silhouette 2019, 1st regional and 3rd national Crous prizes 2020, Festival Spectacurieux 2021, Festival Turbulences 2021, HSFest #3 and in independent art house cinemas.

Les Aventures Mélancoliques de Bill le Têtard, 2017, short film

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The Melancholic Adventures of Tadpole Bill.

This MSPaint animated short film revived a comic-strip character I created in 2013. The poor animation and the synthetic voice are part of the charm. Poor Bill! (watch here)


Presented at the HSFest #4.

Don des cieux, 2023, short film

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Gift from above.

Short film created for the 48 hours challenge from the Très Court Festival in France. The requirements were:

- Writing and directing a film less than 4 minutes long over the course of two days under the theme "Time for action".

- Showing some chocolate.

- Showing a tourist character.

- Including the sentence "I'm a little afraid of how it will be used". (watch here)

It was selected to be among the twenty finalists of the competition and was presented at the Cinémas Studios in Tours and at the Cinéma LUX in Valence.

...and a myriad of youth projects!

Including, of course, Tchou-Tchou le petit train, Pato, and Panne nocturne en pays inconnu, among others. 

Like, for example, the unofficial music videos for 40' and Anyone Else But You co-directed with Daniel Haury and Arthur Da Costa Oddos.

We can also cite the infamous masterpieces from my engineering school years that are Godzilla!Pokemon!, J'ai mal au bideLe Péril Rouge or Jesus Cloud et son ami le Soleil.

There are many others, but no more hidden links.

As an artistic director/animator

A Donde Voy, 2020, music video for Luazó, directed by Matthieu Lécharny

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A colorful bird travelling between France and Argentina.

I imagined the basic concept of this music video together with director Matthieu Lécharny, I drew parts of the setting and animated the bird. The bird's animation consists of 16 frames colored in different ways using pastels, watercolors, gouache, acrylic, oil painting, collage of old pictures and play dough. (watch here)


Presented at the HSFest #4.

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