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      My artistic production wanders in many different directions through a variety of media, and presents a consistent whole in spite, rather than because of me. My work reflects certain obsessions and a certain way to look at things that I would not have chosen to display in public otherwise. I mainly do not intend to consciously state anything on a rational level with my art production or, at least, I do not intend this statement to be unique and single-minded. Above all, I want my work to have an emotional impact. I can only hope for it to resonate with the spectator's personal experiences, and give way to their own interpretation.


2024        Projection at Artomatic in Washington DC of Adrien Picquenot's Animation Spectacular (+ Some Low Budget B                    Movies from the Upper Middle Class French Counterculture), a collection of short films I directed throughout the                   years.

Participation in a collective exhibition at the Glassel Gallery in Baton Rouge, wild.

2023         Participation in the MICA Astro-Animation Program in Baltimore as a presenting scientist and mentor.

Presentation of Angara, Hacia el norte, and Les Aventures Mélancoliques de Bill le Têtard at the HSFest #4 in Paris.

Participation in a collective exhibition and collaborative installation in Rhizome DC, Any Body, Every Body.

Presentation of recent paintings at the Eckington Hall gallery, at the DC Bouldering Project, and at The Potter’s House in Washington DC.

Participation in a collective exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography in Scotland.

2022         Oil painting solo exhibition and collaborative installation in Rhizome DC.

Beginning of the CLAYFACES photographic series, published in the "Featured Artists Vol. 2" section of Aesthetics of Photography.

2021         Direction of the music video Angara for the Baïkal Symposium.

Direction of the music video Hacia el norte for Luazó. Shown in the Festival Spectacurieux 2021.

2020         Creation of an animated sequence and of multiple drawings for the music video A donde voy for Luazó, directed                   by Matthieu Lécharny.

Participation in the art & science collaborative project Baïkal Symposium on the Baïkal Lake shores, in Siberia. Implication in multiple pictural, video, audio and scientific projects that resulted in a series of concerts and exhibitions in 2022-2023.

2019         Writing of a second novel.

Participation in the installation Le mystère des plantes célestes with Yann Toma and Fabio Acero.

2018         Participation in the writing of the play Hikikomori, collaborative project under the direction of Aristeo Tordesillas.

2017         Release of Le Repas, self-produced and co-directed in stop-motion with Pierrot Du Saillant.

  • Festival Silhouettes 2019

  • 1st regional price and 3rd national Crous prizes 2020

  • Festival Spectacurieux 2021

  • Festival Turbulences 2021

  • HSFest #3

  • Showings in independent art house cinemas

2015         Writing of a first novel.

2012         Exhibition of pencil and pastel drawings in Paris with the Wunderbar collective.

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